I’m Melissa Hamlyn,
a surface pattern designer

I’m Melissa Hamlyn –  a surface pattern designer, printmaker, digital artist, and founder of Painted Lady Studio based in Sydney, Australia. 

Whether you’re an art lover, a commercial surface design company, or both, Painted Lady Studio has something for you. I’m here to help you move beyond bland art and design, and help your work and home reflect who you really are.

My interest in design stems from the idea that we are what we consume; good design benefits our lives and positive values and strengths manifest in the ritual use of objects and conjure up the best version of ourselves.

Maybe you’re an art lover looking for an individualized touch to your home or office? Are you looking for a gift? Or are you a design business on the hunt for fresh talent and creative flair to pair up with and license work from?

My style is modern and eclectic. I am a maker of beautiful things, a lover of colour, a seeker for the weird and wonderful. I believe in creating art and design that speaks to you and your unique sense of style.

If you look at my work, you’ll see what I mean: colour that’s bold and saturated but not so extreme it loses its subtlety; shapes that aren’t abstract per se, but not easily identifiable either—they speak to your heart instead of your brain and are designs that tell stories.

Whether you’re wanting a design for clothing, wallpaper, ceramic, or anything in between, my unique visual language will grab your attention. And don’t worry if you need something tweaked—I’m happy to customize my designs to fit your brand or space.

My artwork isn’t limited by size or format—whether you want something small and personal or something big enough to cover an entire wall, I’ve got you covered.

A little bit  more!

I am represented by Artshine industries, an agency that works with artists to license their designs to a wide range of clients including fashion brands, home decor companies, and gift-ware manufacturers. 

Artshine Industries is the perfect fit for me; They are a small but well-established company that focuses on bringing beautiful designs to life and representing emerging artists from around the world. Through working with them I hope to see my work licensed by bigger brands and see my portfolio grow in new ways.

Artshine has been promoting my designs on their website since I began the studio in 2020 and I have several designs available for licensing through them. They are adding my contemporary designs to their site as I finish them, and I couldn’t be happier with their service!

You can view my portfolio on the Artshine site here: https://artshinelicensing.com/artists/painted-lady-pattern-by-melissa-hamlyn/

If you are interested in licensing my designs or learning more about Artshine Industries, please get in touch!