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The bathroom can be one of the most stressful rooms in the house to decorate. It’s relatively small, it’s private and it gets messy quickly. So what’s my favourite bathroom trend we should be looking out for in bathrooms this year?

Natural stone! specifically – marble.

Natural marble with veining, or even multiple colour veins in the marble are becoming extremely popular. The challenge however can be how to use these types of decorative characteristics without creating a cold, clinical environment.

Show do you make the right colour choices? 

What colour variations should you go with?

 Is there a popular hue taking over bathrooms?

Blush in Blue Marble wallpaper design & Fern in Blue wall accent by Painted Lady Studio

That’s where trend 2 comes to your aid! Warm earthy tones like chocolate brown, caramel, terracotta, sand and creamy off-white can create soothing and calm environments to relax in. 

The best way to achieve this is by using a combination of colours, texture

What’s that? You’re feeling more adventurous with colour these days. Well, I am a big fan of colour too. And not just any colour, but bold, bright, daring colours. You know, the ones that make you stop and say “wow”.

While calm and neutral is likely here to stay (for now) – embracing more bold colour is definitely on 2023’s radar.

On the fence?

The tried and tested trend of colour blocking could help. This trend has been around for awhile but it’s never gotten old!

A great way to incorporate colour into your home without committing to an entire room – just do an accent wall or two!

Bathrooms are a home’s sanctuary and a reflection of oneself. It is not just a place to get in and out of as fast as possible. So, it is only logical that the bathroom design trends for 2023 take everything we learned about our bathrooms so far and build upon it.

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