In Bloom Wildflowers

Are you looking for a way to make your space more beautiful?

I create art as a way of making a society where humans enjoy their work and have a sense of making beautiful and useful things.

My obsession with colour, patterns, and motifs comes from my curiosity about mythology and our collective experiences of past, present, and future.

I want to help people create their own homes that are filled with items they find both beautiful and useful.

In Bloom Wildflowers collection is inspired by finding so much beauty held in the collection and collation of individual plants and flowers, pods, and leaves. Individually and collectively, they underline the intention and desire to connect with the natural world.

Plants and flowers have long been an inspiration to man cultures weaving their way into folklore and eventually ancient beliefs and myth.

Flowers and leaves are ingrained into our lives more than we might think.

I love to see people enjoying my artwork, and I know you’ll love the rest of my collection!

If you’re interested in licensing a piece for your business or think we’d be a good fit for future licensing partnerships – fill out this form with a few details.

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