The Flower Temple

Are you looking for something new and different?

I created Painted Lady studio to make motifs that are designed to be mixed and matched to create unique surfaces.

My motifs are inspired by the natural world around us, with motifs ranging from quirky gingham dots to metallic marble.

The Flower Temple collection was made to appeal to free-spirited individuals who embrace the unconventional in all forms. For those that go with the flow and embrace change.

Each motif piece has been designed with simplicity in mind, as well as functionality.

Coordinates inspired by nature, with a twist of an airy approach, this collection is all about lightness, movement, and reflection.

The focus on the beautiful and delicate nature of flowers

Dedicated to the unique shapes and vivid colours that are often present on all flowers. Accentuating this with minimalist designs, the collection creates an air of playful sophistication.

I love to see people enjoying my artwork, and I know you’ll love the rest of my collection!

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I’ll send you a password so you can access all the images. The details are not shared with anyone else—I respect your privacy.